Network to take flight

The transition from an “aha” moment in the shower to a fully formed business idea is often not as straightforward as many entrepreneurs would have us believe. In my own experience the idea goes through a testing thought process before it finally sees the light of day as a business. Even if you think it is a great idea one the most obvious questions that must be asked is; “Do I have the skills and experience to make it happen?” and more fundamentally; “Do I even want to do it!?” 

I’ve had so many business ideas – they come to me all the time but 99% are for someone else. And then there is the 1%……. 

These are the ideas that stay with you and cannot be discarded with a simple “I can’t do that” or a “I don’t have the time/money/experience” (delete as appropriate) 

These ideas go into the second round of processing. And that’s where networking comes in. Firstly, it’s with close friends and partners. If they don’t in stare in astonishment or collapse in laughter you start to think that maybe you are onto something, so you start talking to a wider circle. 

Wait. I hear some say “don’t you have to careful about people stealing your idea?” Well, at the stage I’m talking about I think there’s a vanishingly small number of people will be remotely interested in your idea – they have their own to deal with! Once it starts to be a bit more real – that’s a different story, but at this stage you will never get it off the ground if you keep it to yourself. 

And so it was with BirdRun©, my latest idea. Friends seemed (in the main) to like it. “Quirky”, “fun”, “could work” they said. So, then the next stage – talking to people in the field. I met with wildlife groups and got their feedback. As expected, this was more challenging and less encouraging but full of the questions which I needed to address to make the idea work. 

And then came Linked In. What a boon to be able to connect with real experts at the click of a button and what generosity of spirit the community showed. With two calls to Phil Geraghty and Richard McBriar I had refined the idea into a practical product. Without their input we would still be in development. After that a quick trawl through Linked In and I’m reconnected with Hazel Phillips who I worked with 20 years ago and in days I’m talking to the London Wildlife Trust. Together with them BirdRun© will be launched on 2nd February and you are some of the first to know. To find out more follow us on twitter @birdrunmigrate and register for early bird updates at it is a bit of fun with a serious intention.

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