Our belief in people drives us and we look to create honest, trusting, and open relationships with our clients. We listen hard to work out what is really worrying them, and this allows us to challenge old thinking and restrictive attitudes, and to help them open new doors. On more technical aspects of business, we focus on “teaching people to fish” and finding out for themselves but where the issues are more factual, we will offer guidance and advice. We combine listening with challenge and advice to unlock ideas, remove blockages, and align motivation with intention and energy.


“Colin is a wonderful person to work with. What resonated mostly with me is that he was able to understand my strengths and core traits and build the business coaching based on this important aspect which can be underrated by many other business coaches. I was grateful for his deep listening, understanding, support and professional advice.”

Shirine Osseiran – Colour Empower

“Exceptional would be an understatement to qualify the leaps I managed to achieve with Colin in just 4 coaching sessions. During our first 10-min-only initial phone call, Colin was so in tune with my concerns that he gave me the solution to a problem that I was experiencing for more than 6 months and that no one else had been able to help me with. I would describe Colin as very fast and alert to understand issues and their matching solutions. He is extremely knowledgeable, honest and open-minded, full of inexhaustible resources.”

Melissa Tanga

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